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Ferric salt series

Ferric Chloride

Iron (III) chloride, also called ferric chloride, is an industrial scale commodity chemical compound, with the formula FeCl3. The color of iron(III) chloride crystals depends on the viewing angle: by reflected light the crystals appear dark green, but by transmitted light they appear purple-red. Anhydrous iron (III) chloride is deliquescent, forming hydrated hydrogen chloride mists in moist air. It is rarely observed in its natural form, mineral molysite, known mainly from some fumaroles.

Ferric Chloride

Mainly used for water treatment agent, printing plate, electronic circuits board of mordants, metallurgy industry of chlorinated agent, dyestuff industry of antioxidants and mordant, organic synthesis industrial catalysts and antioxidant, chlorinated agent, is to produce other physico-chemical process, pigment of materials and used in mining mineral.

Al2O3 (%) ≥30

Fe2O3 (%) ≥4.0

Basicity (%)40-90

Insoluble substance (%) ≤0.3

PH1% water solution3.5-5.0

NH3-N (%) ≤0.01

As (%) ≤0.0002

Cr6+(%) ≤0.0005

Hg (%) ≤0.00001

Pb (%) ≤0.001

Cd (% ) ≤0.0002

Note:The mass fractions of NH3-N, As, Pb, Cd, Hg and Cr6+ are calculated based on that of Al2O3 as 10.0%

The product can be made upon customers' special request.

Application Method & Notes:

1. The liquid product can be dosed directly or dosed after dilution. Dilution is necessary before dosing for the solid product. The normal dilution ratio for the solid product is 2%-20%, and 5%-50% for the liquid product (based on weight percentage).

2.The specific dosage is based on the flocculation tests and trials by the users. The usual dosage of the liquid product is 3-40 g/ton, and of the solid product, 1-15 g/ton.

3.The product can not be stored with other chemicals.

4.For the liquid product, we provide special tanks for transportation to the clients, and afford the storage tank. The solid product is packed in inner plastic bags and further in polypropylene woven bags, with each bag containing 25 Kg.

5.The shelf life is six months for liquid product and one year for the solid product. The product should be stored in a dry and ventilated place, but the effect will not be affected even if it gets wet.


Test item


Reagent grade

Pharmaceutical grade

Appearance grade



Assay [FeCl3] /%



Water insoluble/%



Free acid(HCl)/%



Sulfate (SO4)/%









Manganese(Mn) /%



Ferroporphyrin (Fe2+)/%



Copper (Cu) /%



Zinc (Zn) /%



Arsenic (As) /%



Ammonia not sediment/%



Packing: 50kg/drum,23mt/20’fcl or as your request.